What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

If you have an emotional attachment to your favorite pair of jeans, you’re hardly alone. Jeans can be one of the most well-worn items in a woman’s closet, and a favorite pair can become an extension of our personalities. Every tear, stain and cuff tells a story about the woman who wears the pants. Even those who choose to keep their jeans pristine know exactly the kind of woman they are.

And now is certainly a great time to be denim-wearing broads — there are now countless styles and washes to choose from, so much so that there is likely a perfect pair of jeans for every kind of woman imaginable. Wondering what your favorite kind of jeans say about you? Read on to see if these musings ring true.

sc levis jeans cropped What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

Casually Cropped
There used to be a time when ankle-baring jeans meant your pants were just too short. These days, cropped jeans are all the rage. From kick-flare silhouettes to billowy culottes, cropped jeans allow you to showcase quirky socks and stylish footwear. If you gravitate toward these curtailed inseams, you’re probably playful, trendy and easy-going.

sc levis jeans skinny What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

The Skinny
The skinny jean lover is a practical babe — you can always count on a slim-fit-pant wearer to give sensible advice. It’s no shocker, given that skinny jeans are the most versatile of the denim bunch. They’re perfect for the low-maintenance woman who needs just a single option to take her day to night. Give her chelsea boots or sneakers to finish the look, and she’s off.

sc levis jeans boyfriend What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

Boyfriend Material
We all know by now that “boyfriend” jeans are not like men’s jeans at all, and that is a good thing. For the woman who always strives to be slouchy while still maintaining her chicness, the ever-popular boyfriend jean is the ideal fit. Carefree, adventurous, and a little lazy, the boyfriend-girl is all about comfort first.

sc levis jeans cullote What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

Wide-Leg Wonders
It’s safe to assume the woman who opts for wide-leg jeans is more fashion-driven than most — after all, it’s no easy feat pulling off such a bold, A-line shape unless there’s a particular look or outfit to execute. Naturally, those who relish in the extra legroom love challenging fashion norms, experimenting with personal style and drawing attention.

sc levis jeans extra2 What Your Favorite Pair of Jeans Says About You

Extra, Extra
Jeans have officially reached fanciful heights with shiny studs, intricate embroidery, zippered accoutrements, couture-like beading, colorful patchwork and more. Extra in the best way possible, the woman who adores embellished jeans is all about making a statement without having to say a word. She’s fierce, unforgettable, sassy and the only one who can pull it off.

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